How to Prepare Tasty Easy salmon & shrimp w/ wild & brown rice..


Easy salmon & shrimp w/ wild & brown rice... Quick, easy and tangy baked salmon fillets. Serve with rice pilaf and a green salad for an elegant supper! Say hello to the brightest salmon marinade on the internet.

Easy salmon & shrimp w/ wild & brown rice.. There are countless ways you can prepare and serve. View All Start Slideshow Anna Williams. The recipe variations on "the king of fish" are as inventive as they are numerous. You can cook Easy salmon & shrimp w/ wild & brown rice.. using 12 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Easy salmon & shrimp w/ wild & brown rice..

  1. Prepare of Blackened pepper salmon filet from Walmart Market.
  2. Prepare 1 bag of long grain & brown rice (90 sec prep)from Walmart.
  3. You need 1/4 bag of large precooked deveined frozen shrimp Walmart.
  4. Prepare of Country Crock Light (CCL butter).
  5. You need of Extra virgin olive oil.
  6. It’s of Garlic salt.
  7. It’s of Fresh parsley & snips of fresh chives.
  8. Prepare A few of minced onion (for rice).
  9. You need 1/2 of square of knorr chicken bouillon cube.
  10. Prepare of Kosher salt & pepper to.
  11. Prepare of Taste.
  12. You need 1/2 of lemon.

By Gabriella Vigoreaux and Amanda Garrity. Reviews for: Photos of Easy, No-Mess Baked Salmon. The flavor turned out way better than I was expecting! I used the exact ingredients called for and the flavors complimented each other nicely..

Easy salmon & shrimp w/ wild & brown rice.. instructions

  1. Heat rice in microwave, when done add about a tbs spoon water & CCL butter, tsp minced onions, a smidge of the bouillon stir & let sit until closer for everything to be done (don't add any extra salt at this point).
  2. Add 2 tbs CCL butter & tbs of EVOO to a stainless steal pain or iron skillet add a sprinkle of bouillon cube (don't let it burn) get salmon on skin side down as soon as it's hot cook about 4 min flip easily don't splat your self….
  3. Now splash the hot solution in pan all around the edges to get the heat distributed (if u need more liquid add a touch more CCL butter) & sprinkle some of that garlic salt on top of fish to distribute that flavor & so it's not so isolated..
  4. Now check for internal temp I like mine medium well…. (each persons preference) if not done Enuff lower temp & flip onto sides & all around one last time (it will continue to cook on the plate while u heat your shrimp).
  5. Now for shrimp add a tsp of CCL butter to what's left of fish grease (omega 3 oil lol) and just warm it right up since they are already pre cooked & thawed you just need to warm thru.
  6. Now warm that rice up for about 35 sec. In microwave. (taste) plate rice neatly in plate, place fish a little off center, shrimp layerd about now finish w/ fresh parsley & chives finely chopped & a squeeze of lemon all over everything…. 🍴🍾.
  7. Great with a glass of white wine 😁.

Salmon cakes are one of my go-to emergency meals. Every once in a while I like to use fresh salmon. Salmon is one of those products, like chicken, that's very easy to get into a rut with. People generally find a few recipes that work for them, and just stay with those, but this fairly simple preparation should be easy to add to anyone's rotation. A simple soy sauce-based marinade will leave you with tender and tasty baked salmon!

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