Recipe: Tasty Topped chicken breast leftover


Topped chicken breast leftover. Anytime you find yourself with leftover chicken, consider it a blessing. You can certainly go for a second round of last night's dinner, but the wonderful thing about this mild-mannered meat is that it's so easy to repurpose it into an entirely different meal. It doesn't matter what cut you have handy.

Topped chicken breast leftover This mouth-watering version calls marinated chicken breast made from scratch, but you can easily swap in leftovers as a quick replacement. Chicken Breast with Orange and ChorizoOn dine chez Nanou. Use leftover chicken breast in this substantial healthy soup. You can cook Topped chicken breast leftover using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Topped chicken breast leftover

  1. You need half of a chicken breast leftover.
  2. You need of feta cheese (50g).
  3. Prepare of fresh herbs (parsley, spring onion and dill).
  4. Prepare of Olive oil (1 tsp).
  5. It’s of tomatoe ×1.
  6. You need of salt (1tsp).
  7. You need of black pepper (1tsp).

Alternatively, make the recipe vegetarian by topping with chunky, fresh guacamole. Leftover chicken breast recipes are great to have on hand so you don't throw away any food, and can make a delicious meal the next day. Add diced precooked, leftover chicken with frozen veggies and stir. Chicken salad; Reheat, slice, & serve on skewers with peanut sauce; Chicken fried rice (especially if you have some leftover rice around); Asian noodle salad with chicken; Love the pizza topping idea too (I especially like a basil or parsley pesto pizza with artichoke hearts and chicken, maybe a little.

Topped chicken breast leftover instructions

  1. Take your chicken breast leftover and drizzle with Olive oil(1 tea spoon)..
  2. Cut fresh herbs and slice the tamatoe and feta cheese..
  3. Top chicken breast with herbs, feta cheese and top with tomatoes use salt and black pepper to season..
  4. Warm topped chicken breast in the microwave for 3- 4 minutes..

I like using left over chicken breast for: -chicken caesar salad -club sandwich -pad thai -fajitas -tomato sauce and mozz on top with side of aglio Also one of my favorite things to do with leftover chicken, especially if it was marinated, is a simple sandwich on good quality bread with butter on one. By swapping in leftover cooked chicken, you can skip an entire step and save at least an hour's worth of work in the process. Streamline it even further by skipping the boneless chicken breasts when you roast the potatoes. The chicken breasts weren't quite done and he had to leave, so he decided to put them in liquid and braise them at a low temperature in the oven (two fifty). He used a whole valuepack of breasts.

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